Make A Great Event!

Do you enjoy giving back to your community? Come volunteer at the Be The Light 5K event in Valencia, CA. We are looking for good people who would like to help make this a great event experience. If you are first time rookie, a seasoned pro, or somewhere in between, we welcome you to join the volunteer team.

Volunteer participants will receive race crew shirts and earn FREE entry credit to next year's Be The Light 5K or one of New Global Adventures California races!



The following positions are available:

  • Staging Setup (6 positions)
  • Parking Crew (6 positions)
  • Registration / Check-In (8-12 positions)
  • Course Aid Station (6 positions)
  • Course Monitors (8 positions)
  • Medical First Aid (1-2 positions)
  • Course Sweeper (1 positions)
  • Photographer (3 positions)
  • Videographer (1-2 position)
  • National Anthem Singer (1 positions)
  • Start/Finish Line Management (4-6 positions)
  • Staging Breakdown (6 positions)


To volunteer simply complete the form below and we will get in touch with you with further details a few weeks before the race date. With your support, together we can create an awesome event experience for everyone, thank you for your support!

Need Help?

If you have questions or are experiencing technical problems please contact us.


Huge thank you to our volunteers. We have the deepest sense of honor and gratitude for everything you did to help create an awesome race experience for everyone that came in touch with Be The Light 5K event. This event would not have been possible without your support and efforts. You are all super starts and we hope to see you again at a future race.

  • Alen Iqbal
  • Anna Ransom-Denney
  • Beckie Warloe
  • Bethany Pitts
  • Bob Norman
  • Bobby Dieken
  • Bryce Weagley
  • Byron Moore
  • Caitlin Denney
  • Carlos Tapia
  • Carol Clarke
  • Chad Hazard
  • Cheryl Cook
  • Dana Suro Ng
  • Darren Brewster
  • Darren Rogers
  • Denise Brown
  • Desirae Loya-hemmis
  • Donna Mallick
  • Doug Robert
  • Ellis Montes
  • Esther Harville
  • Frank Schiro
  • Grace Gregory
  • Hailee Ming
  • Isabella Sandoval
  • Jamee Brandt
  • James Cook
  • James Weagley
  • Jasmine Gutierrez
  • Jason Bunn
  • Jennifer Mitchell
  • Jillian Estell
  • John Clarke
  • John Paul Duldulao
  • Juanita Shapiro
  • Jwamee Advincula
  • Karen Zapata
  • Kathy Hotchkiss
  • Katie Alindogan
  • Kelly Wongvitavas
  • Kevin Alvarado
  • Lauri Struble
  • Lindsey Romero
  • Lorie Gutierrez
  • Maran Zyhailo
  • Maria Slotsve
  • Marielena Mallick
  • Mark Montoya
  • Maya Shankar
  • Mechelle Williams
  • Monique Donnelly
  • Morgan Montes Martinez
  • Myriam Alvarado
  • Rick Shapiro
  • Rob Muir
  • Rupert Francisco
  • Russ Hemmis
  • Ryan Kalan
  • Shadow
  • Sharon Shifflett
  • Shay Hulin
  • Stephanie Ayers
  • Susy Vargas
  • Tariq Rahiman
  • Taryn Denney
  • Tori Vatcher
  • Tracy Peterson
Come Be The Light with Us!

Saturday, September 18, 2021